I remember it was an afternoon appointment on a Monday in October / ”Buy a Pink Hammer Month”. I hurried to get there from work in heavy rush hour traffic. Josh was meeting me there. I don’t remember the exact point of the visit, but I do remember sitting in the examination room waiting to see the nurse and casually scrolling through Facebook on my phone. Then I saw the post…

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I Know You All Would Do This For Me…and One Person Did

A very sweet video that brought tears to my eyes and remineded me how tough it was to go through chemo. I forget the uncomfortableness of the medicine and the days spent in bed recovering from each dose – but what I remember is summoning the courage to go on with daily life. This video reminds me of that courage and how importnat friends and family are and the support they provide (continue to provide:)

Anything for love … from Albert Bredenhann on Vimeo.

I don’t want to spoil it, but when it came time for me to go through this part of chemo it was really hard. And Josh knew that, and this is what he did for me.

What I’m Eating Now

photo1I’m often asked if I’ve changed my diet at all since diagnosis, and the answer is yes, but not in any way that would surprise you. I’ve been eating less meat, drinking less alcohol and I stay away from soy. Read more »

Walkin’ the Catwalk

I meant to post this one back in October during “Buy a Pink Hammer Month” but was too busy traveling for work and trying to find pink nails to go with the pink hammers.


What have I done? I thought to myself after I got my hair done. It had nothing to do with my hair though. It started out as a simple haircut and color. But I guess the fumes from the chemicals made me delirious enough to agree to be in a lingerie fashion show fundraiser for breast cancer.

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Join the Club


I meant to post this a while back. I came across this New York Times Magazine article not long after I was diagnosed as metastatic. It was tough to read then, but is a easier now, nearly nine months later. Read more »

Scan results, quick surgery, new drugs; good times, good times

My last scan was in October. Another nuclear medicine PET CT full body scan. Everything was very similar to my prior scan in July, except the results. Mostly good news, the stuff in the lungs seems to be fading or staying the same or at least moving in the right direction. But, there was one hot spot in my right lymph node armpit area that didn’t seem to be responding to the oophorectomy. The recommendation was to remove it, and I didn’t argue with that. Read more »

May I Borrow Your Motto?



I can’t believe summer is almost over. It’s going too fast, time is going too fast. I think we’ve been enjoying ourselves, everything seems like a blur in a way. Read more »

Pending Arrival

photo (2)I don’t think I told you guys this yet, but you’ll never guess what I’ve been carrying around inside me this summer.
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Good News with a Few Suprises

colorful_surpriseAfter getting the nice voice mail, my visit with the doctor was as expected, except for a few things that surprised me.

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One of the Best Top 10 Voicemails Ever


The day after my scan I picked up a voice mail from my new oncologist.

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